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Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement

Does your concrete gutter leak?
Do you suffer from damp on your internal walls?

Porous concrete gutters could be the cause, Derby Roofing professionals have the solution.


Concrete is a porous material. When rainwater collects in the concrete gutter, it then leaks through the gutter and sometimes into the wall cavity of your home, resulting in damp in your house. Similarly, the joints of the porous concrete erode, leak and are no longer fit for purpose.

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We offer the perfect permanent solution.

We remove the concrete gutter or finlock gutter and fit seamless aluminium gutter, a non-leak system with the only quality assured BBA certification in the UK (since 1991) and is approved with a 30+ year life expectancy. Furthermore, we have a unique system for joining your new aluminium gutter to a neighbour’s remaining gutter that prevents leaks. Your property will have a new modern look and an effective gutter system lasting 30 years. You won't have to worry about damp or leaks again!

Our professionals have 15 years extensive experience of removal and replacement of all types off concrete gutter across the UK. This is highly skilled task which we execute with precision and accuracy to result in a neat, professional finish. We revel in homes that are ‘tricky’ projects.

We tailor each project to your home’s unique requirements however here is an example of the steps we take:

  • We cut off the concrete, flush with the wall of your property.
  • We secure a treated timber to the remaining concrete.
  • We then fit trims and plastic fascia boards to the timber.
  • We fit seamless aluminium gutter and plastic downpipes.
  • If your property is attached to a neighbouring property we use a unique aluminium plate to join the neighbour’s concrete and your new seamless aluminium gutter, preventing leaking.
  • All work is carried out on professional scaffolding.
  • Waste removal will be by a local skip company.

Why we don’t install plastic gutters:

  • lack of plastic durability means cracks and damage
  • our aluminium gutter has strength and durability far greater than plastic gutter
  • plastic guttering suffers from thermal expansion and will eventually slip out of the joints
  • mastic sealant is not effective nor professional as a long term solution to seal gaps in plastic gutters due to the expandable nature of gutter joints
  • it is extremely difficult to successfully install a new gutter joint as the existing gutter length can seldom be adjusted to tightly fit into the joint
  • if you replace one length of plastic gutter the problem will reoccur either at the join or further along the gutter

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